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If you are a movie buff, is an excellent website that you will discover to be very useful. From searching movie houses to finding video rental shops, we have comprehensive directories of these businesses.

Movie genres, such as fantasy, drama, adventures, horror, science fiction, action thriller, animation, musicals, comedy and documentaries are not only means of escaping reality but also means of understanding it and enhancing it within the intellectual and emotional realm of the person watching a film. Hence, movie goers are not only entertained but also informed in the process.

The Australian film industry has a long history of producing independent but internationally successful films. Although the Australian film industry is not as powerful, influential or widely distributed as the Hollywood film industry, it has its healthy share of financial success and fame. Crocodile Dundee, Australia, Babe, Happy Feet, Moulin Rouge and The Man from Snowy River are just some examples of internationally successful Australian films that have grossed millions of dollars and became part of worldwide culture. On the other hand, Nicole Kidman, Mel Gibson, Russel Crowe, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman and Errol Flyn are some of the big Australian film actors who gained global fame.

Here at, you will not only find directories of cinemas and rental shops. We also have up-to-date information about the latest movie events and celebrity news. If you are a film buff, cinema owner or video shop owner, is an ideal site that can help you in a wide variety of ways. Simply browse our site for more details.

Cinemas Articles

Happily Never After

Powerful performances punctuate the misery of a bad marriage and lost dreams. Revolutionary Road Directed by Sam Mendes Screenplay by Justin Haythe, from the novel by Richard Yates Rated M Opens Thursday Running time 119 minutes Cinemas Everywhere Rating: 3.5/5

Grappling With Life

Mickey Rourke's comeback to the big screen is a testament to determination. The Wrestler Directed by Darren Aronofsky Screenplay by Robert D. Siegel Rated MA 15+ Running time 107 minutes Showing Now Cinemas Everywhere Rating: 4.5/5

Editor's Letter

WE'RE a cultured lot, us Melburnians. Increasingly we're expanding our areas of artistic interest beyond our comfort zones, whether they be sticky-carpeted bandrooms, floorboarded galleries, cinemas, concert halls or theatres. And the people that bring us our entertainment are doing the same; while "multimedia" has been around a long time, more

Twisted Sister Is Heaven Sent

Doubt Written and directed by John Patrick Shanley from his play Rated M Running time 104 minutes Showing Now Cinemas Everywhere Rating: 4/5 Superb acting and skilled direction fuel this fine melodrama.

Australia Has A Slow Start At The Box Office

THE outback epic Australia has had a rocky start in North American cinemas.